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[Monthy Newsletter] March 2023 : SLL's Latest Dramas & Movies to Look out for



March 2023 :

SLL's Latest Dramas & Movies to Look out for 🎥


Full Cast List of "Hellbound Season 2" Revealed

Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho’s Netflix series, Hellbound, announced the production of a new season with an updated cast line-up.


 While many actors from the last season will return to screen, Kim Sung-cheol is confirmed as the new actor for the role of Jeong Jin-soo. Yang Dong-geun and Moon Geun-young are also newly added to the cast.


 Based on the webtoon written by Yeon and Choi Gyu-seok, the first season of Hellbound featured supernatural beings condemning people to hell, and a religious group flourishing amid the chaos. As a sequel of Season 1, Season 2 will take viewers into another dimension of the storyline, exploring new incidents and background stories of the characters from Season 1.


"Big Bet Season 2" Now Streaming on Disney +

Disney + released eight episodes of Big Bet Season 2 on February 15.


Produced by BA Entertainment, the previous season of Big Bet ranked first in the Top 10 TV Shows on Disney + last year, contributing to the platform’s highest subscription rate of all time. With the expanded stories led by veteran actor Choi Min-sik, My Liberation Notes star Son Suk-ku, and Lee Dong-hwi, Big Bet Season 2 follows on the heels of highly-rated Season 1, aiming for another big hit.


What to Expect from the Upcoming Episodes of "Divorce Attorney Shin"

SLL’s brand-new TV series, Divorce Attorney Shin, kicked off on March 4, airing on both JTBC and Netflix.


Based on a webcomic, Divorce Attorney Shin follows a former pianist/music professor Shin Sung-han who has become a divorce lawyer. The first episode unveiled the main character Sung-han (Cho Seung-woo), and Lee Seo-jin(Han Hye-jin) who visits him as a client amid a distasteful scandal and a custody fight.


At the press conference held on March 2, Director Lee Jae Hun and the actors mentioned that the intense divorce cases featured in the show will be the highlights to look forward to, since they will tackle sensitive yet realistic issues in life that are worth reflecting upon. They also emphasized on the heart-warming drama, which Sung-han’s personal story and friendship will bring, as another reason to be excited for the upcoming episodes of Divorce Attorney Shin.


Mystery-Thriller "Alone in the Woods" Coming to Netflix

On February 20, Netflix announced the production and the cast of its new original series Alone in the Woods. Veteran actor Kim Yun-Seok, Yoon Kye-sang (best known for The Outlaws), Go Min-si (Sweet Home) and Parasite star Lee Jung-eun will lead the show.


 In the upcoming mystery-thriller, Kim Yun-Seok and Yoon Kye-sang play the main characters who own a cottage located in secluded woods at different times. While two men face mysterious incidents involving Go Min-si’s character, Lee Jung-eun will play the senior inspector looking into the resemblance of two incidents that take place in different eras.

Photo Credit : Netflix


"The Good Bad Mother" Starring Ra Mi-ran to Premiere on April 26th 

The premiere date and the cast for the upcoming drama, The Good Bad Mother, have been confirmed.


Co-produced by SLL, Drama House and Film Monster, The Good Bad Mother is a heart-warming comedy about a womanwho returns to her motherly duties after her grown-up son unexpectedly becomes like a young child. Ra Mi-ran will be playing the “bad mother” Young-soon, with Lee Do-hyun playing her prosecutor son Kang Ho.


Other characters living in the village, played by Ahn Eun-jin, Jung Woong-in, Choi Moo-sung and more, are also expected to add different colors and dynamics to the drama. The Good Bad Mother is scheduled to premiere on April 26 on JTBC.

Photo Credit : C-JeS Entertainment


"Peak Time" Hits 30 Million Views on Global Streamers and Social Media 

JTBC’s new K-pop survival program Peak Time is going viral on a global scale by putting spotlights to already debuted yet underrated K-pop boy bands. The program, produced by Studio Slam, aims to find the next“global idol stars” from a pool of lesser-known boy bands.


 Currently available on a number of global platforms including TikTok, Netflix, TVAsahi, ABEMA and Rakuten Viki, Peak Time is reaching the viewers all around the world. With its viewer number constantly soaring after each episode, Peak Time has easily accumulated more than 30 million views on YouTube, TikTok and more.