[Monthly Newsletter] April 2023 : SLL's Latest Dramas & Movies to Look out for


April 2023 :

SLL's Latest Dramas & Movies to Look out for 🎥

‘Bargain’ Invited to the 6th Cannes International Series Festival

 TVING original series “Bargain”, produced by Climax Studio, has been nominated to compete in the Competition category at the sixth Cannes International Series Festival (Canneseries) 2023. It is the second time for Climax Studio’s production to be invited to Canneseries.

 “Bargain” revolves around three characters played by Jeon Jong-seo, Jin Sun-kyu and Jang Ryul, who gather at a remote motel seeking a dangerous bargain. The story quickly escalates as an earthquake hits the motel out of nowhere and the characters get stuck inside the demolished building.

 Nine other long form series will be competing with “Bargain” in the Competition category for five awards including Best Series, Best Performance and Best Music awards. The winners will be announced at the Closing Ceremony on April 19.

Production of ‘Reborn Rich’ Thai Remake Announced by Viu

 Hit drama series “Reborn Rich” is now set for a Thai remake. Viu, the multi-territory asian streaming platform, confirmed the production plan at an upfront event held in Bangkok.

 Starring Song Joong-gi, “Reborn Rich” portrays a lifelong revenge planned out by a man, who reincarnates into the youngest grandson of the ‘chaebol’ family that frames him for embezzlement and murders him in his past life. With the exciting story line and the veteran actors' immersive acting skills, the drama highlighted the K-drama scene in 2022, scoring the highest viewership ratings of the year.

 The Thai version of Reborn Rich, according to Viu, is expected to premiere in 2024. Further information regarding the production company, director, cast and showrunner are yet to be disclosed.

Medical Comedy ‘Doctor Cha’ Fourth Trailer Revealed

The fourth trailer of the upcoming TV series, “Doctor Cha”, has been released. The trailer is offering viewers a sneak-peek into the comedic chemistry between the two characters played by Uhm Jung-hwa and Kim Byung-chul.

 Co-produced by Studio&New and SLL, “Doctor Cha'' follows Cha Jung-sook’s journey as a first-year medical resident, portrayed by Uhm Jung-hwa. The character’s life as a full-time housewife takes a huge turn as she decides to return to medical training, and starts working for the hospital her husband is at. Kim Byung-chul will play her grumpy, perfectionist surgeon husband whose life also drastically changes upon Cha’s arrival at his hospital.

 The first episode of the medical comedy is scheduled to air on JTBC on April 15, following “Divorce Attorney Shin”. It will also be streaming on Netflix for viewers worldwide.


‘The Good Bad Mother’ to Premiere on April  

SLL’s brand-new drama “The Good Bad Mother” will premiere on April 26. The character poster released on March 31 emanates a heart-warming synergy among the three characters from the drama, played by Ra Mi-ran, Lee Do-hyun, and Ahn Eun-jin.

 Co-produced by SLL, Drama House and Film Monster, “The Good Bad Mother” is a comedy drama about a woman who returns to her motherly duties after her grown-up son unexpectedly becomes like a young child. Ra Mi-ran will be playing the “bad mother” Young Soon, while Lee Do-hyun plays her prosecutor son Kang Ho.

 Other characters living in the village, played by Ahn Eun-jin, Jung Woong-in, Choi Moo-sung are also expected to add  colors and dynamics to the drama. The Good Bad Mother is scheduled to premiere in Korea on April 26 on JTBC, and on Netflix worldwide.

‘Soulmate’ Pre-sold and Released in 18 Countries

Movie “Soulmate” starring Kim Da-mi, Jeon So-nee, and Byun Woo-suk has been pre-sold and released in 18 countries in March. The movie is now available worldwide in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

 Produced by Climax Studio, “Soulmate” revolves around two friends who click instantly during their teenage years, and grow up sharing every moment of their lives as best friends. The movie focuses on the development of the two characters’ friendship as they go through joy and sorrow, highs and lows in life together.

 “Soulmate” ranked second in Korean box office upon its release, and is now getting favorable reviews globally. The film’s distributors from Hong Kong, Vietnam and Taiwan highly praised the film, commenting that it is a “beautifully-crafted”, “must-see” movie with “great casting”.

Basketball Film ‘Rebound’ Coming to Theaters on April 5

“Rebound”, the next sports film to take on the basketball boom that “The First Slam Dunk” has triggered, is coming to theaters on April 5. It is director Jang Hang-jun’s first movie in 6 years, co-written by the star screenwriter Kim Eun-hee and Kwon Sung-hui.

 Produced by BA Entertainment, “Rebound” follows the story of a once-renowned high school basketball team that is now on the verge of being shut down after years of poor performance. With the newly-recruited coach’s effort to bring back the glory to the team, however, the high school athletes find their way back to the finals of the national high school basketball league, and strive to make miracles on the court.

 Ahn Jae-hong will be starring as the enthusiastic new coach Kang Yang-hyun, with rookie actors Lee Shin-young, Jeong Jin-woon, Kim Taek, Jung Gun-joo, Kim Min and Ahn Ji-ho playing the six Busan Jungang High School players, who endeavor to play against the country's top high school basketball team.


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