[Monthly Newsletter] May 2023 : SLL's Latest Dramas & Movies to Look out for


May 2023 :

SLL's Latest Dramas & Movies to Look out for 🎥

SLL Accompanies Presidential Visit to Washington D.C.

   On April 27, SLL CEO Jung Kyung-moon accompanied President Yoon Suk Yeol to the ‘Global Creative Leadership Forum’ at Washington D.C.

   Co-hosted by South Korea’s culture ministry and the U.S. Motion Picture Association (MPA), Global Creative Leadership Forum coordinated the discussion between two countries to expand the cultural exchange and cooperation in their video content industries.

    According to the presidential office, the forum was held in an “unprecedented scale”, with MPA executives and six major U.S. content producers including Netflix, Paramount, and Walt Disney -which comprise 77 percent of the world’s video market- attending it. 

   In addition to Netflix’s announcement to invest $2.5 billion in the Korean content industry over the next four years, which made headlines a few days prior to the event, the forum showed meaningful progress in strengthening the two countries’ strategic alliance in creative industry, with the President’s and the leaders’ promise to nurture young talents and projects.

‘Doctor Cha’ on Track to Become a Local and Global Hit

 The popularity of medical comedy "Doctor Cha" is rapidly rising among local and international viewers.

 According to Nielsen Korea, the eighth episode of Doctor Cha recorded an average nationwide rating of 16.2 percent, the fifth-highest of any drama in JTBC’s history. With half of its episodes still left to run, the series is expected to set new records as the frontrunner in its time slot across all channels. 

 On the first week of May, Doctor Cha also entered Netflix’s Global Top 10 List in 17 countries including Indonesia, Japan, Malyasia and Thailand, captivating the international viewers with a universally-relatable and cathartic patriarchy-bashing storyline.

 Doctor Cha follows the journey a middle-aged housewife Cha Jeong-suk with a bubbly, loveable personailty, played by Uhm Jung-hwa, who chases her dream to be a doctor after 20 years.

'The Good Bad Mother' Doubles its Viewership Ratings After 4 Episodes

 SLL’s brand-new TV series, "The Good Bad Mother", kicked off in April with 4.166% average nationwide ratings. The heartwarming comedy, however, is now seeing its viewer number soaring every week, with its latest episode hitting 7.0% ratings after four episodes.

 Co-produced by SLL and its production labels, Drama House and Film Monster, The Good Bad Mother is a comedy drama about a woman who returns to her motherly duties after her grown-up son unexpectedly becomes like a young child.


Ra Mi-ran plays the “bad mother” Young Soon, while Lee Do-hyun plays her prosecutor son Kang Ho.

 Currently airing on JTBC and Netflix, The Good Bad Mother is receiving favorable comments from the audience worldwide especially for the two actors’ delicate portrayal of the complex, vulnerable, and thought-provoking mother-son relationship. 


 Rom-com ‘King the Land’ Official Trailer Released 

The first trailer of the upcoming TV series, “King the Land”, has been revealed. The trailer offers a sneak-peek into the romantic chemistry between Im Yoon-a and Lee Jun-ho.

 Co-produced by By4m Studio, SLL and its production label Npio Entertainment, King the Land follows the journeys of Goo Won and Cheon Sa-rang. While Lee plays Goo Won, the conglomerate heir of King Group who can’t stand the pretense of a fake smile, Im Yoon-a will play Cheon Sarang, an ordinary hotelier working at the King Hotel who always smiles brightly despite hardships.

 The first episode of King the Land is scheduled to be released on June 17, on JTBC and Netflix worldwide.



‘Rebound’ Wins Silver Mulberry Award at Italy’s Udine Far East Film Festival

 Movie "Rebound", produced by SLL’s label B.A. Entertainment, won Silver Mulberry Award at the 25th Udine Far East Film Festival. The award went to the best film chosen by the audience among 43 films.

 Far East Film Festival is held annually in Udine, Italy, to promote Asian cinema, mainly East Asian films. Several Korean films including <1987> and <The Battleship Island> have previously won its audience awards.

 Directed by Jang Hang-joon, Rebound follows the story of a once-renowned high school basketball team that overcomes years of poor performance with the guidance of a newly-recruited coach, and returns to the national high school basketball league.

 The festival director Sabrina Baracetti highly praised the film, saying that "Rebound is a charismatic movie that leaves a mark on your heart with powerful yet delicate scenes, and comic elements that also turn out to be touching.” "Everyone appreciated the sincerity and courage Rebound delivered," stated Baracetti.

Don Lee Returning with Threequel of ‘The Outlaws’

 "The Round-Up: No Way Out", starring the iconic action star Don Lee, will premiere in cinemas on May 31. In the third installment of the crime-action comedy franchise “The Outlaws”, Don Lee is expected bring another adrenaline rush to the audience, playing the “beast cop” hunting down the bad guys.

 Don Lee, who is also the man behind the series’ production, will play Ma Seok-do, a police detective assigned to the violent crime department. Ma will be chasing illegal drug trafficking organizations led by Joo Sung Cheol, the villain played by actor Lee Joon Hyuk who is newly starring in the franchise.

 The “Outlaws” franchise, co-produced by SLL’s label B.A. Entertainment and two other production companies, has been one of the biggest hit series in Korean box office, with its two previous series garnering 6 million and 12 million ticket sales each.


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