[Monthly Newsletter] August 2023 : SLL's Latest Dramas & Movies to Look out for


August 2023 :

SLL's Latest Dramas & Movies to Look out for 🎥

<D.P. 2> Is Captivating the Public Again


  <D.P. 2> is back with a more intense story and new characters.

  Unlike season 1, which focused on the story of the deserters, season 2 focuses on the D.P.(Deserter Pursuit) team and is once again garnering enthusiastic responses from viewers. It appears that how the main characters, while still feeling helpless in the face of the dark reality, were able to grow and strive for change impressed the public. In addition, the actors have been praised for delicately portraying these characters' emotions and performing challenging action sequences. All episodes are currently available on Netflix.


Director: Han Jun-hee

Script: Kim Botong, Han Jun-hee

Cast: Jung Hae-in, Koo Kyo-hwan, Kim Sung-kyun, Son Suk-ku

Provider: Netflix




<Concrete Utopia> Gets Official Selection at the Toronto International Film Festival


  <Concrete Utopia>, a highly anticipated film with a star-studded cast and compelling story, has been officially selected for the 48th Toronto International Film Festival.

  The Toronto International Film Festival is one of the world's four major international film festivals, along with the Cannes, Berlin, and Venice Film Festival, and <Concrete Utopia> has been selected for the Gala Presentations, a series of screenings for public audiences with special guests. <Concrete Utopia> will present a sense of tension through the story of characters trying to survive in extreme conditions. In particular, the real-apartment-building-like large-scale set and the high level of CG made a difference in realism. <Concrete Utopia> is set to be released in theaters on August 9.


Director: Uhm Tae-hwa

Script: Lee Sin-ji, Uhm Tae-hwa

Cast: Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-jun, Park Bo-young





<King the Land>’s Global Hit Shines on Netflix


  For the second week in a row, <King the Land> is the #1 TV (non-English) show on the Netflix Global Top 10 chart. The series is a global phenomenon, ranking #1 in 21 countries from Southeast Asia to South America. In particular, the episodes filmed in Thailand received a lot of attention and sparked "Thai Fever," which led the Thai government to announce a policy to introduce more tax breaks and other incentives for foreign producers shooting in Thailand. The refreshing and sweet romcom, <King the Land> will continue to unfold an interesting story in the remaining episodes.


Director: Lim Hyun-ook

Script: Choi Rome

Cast: Lee Jun-ho, Lim Yoon-a

Provider: JTBC, Netflix, TVING




The Fourth Trailer of <Behind Your Touch> Is Out


  SLL's upcoming drama <Behind Your Touch> has released its fourth teaser.

  <Behind Your Touch> is a murder-mystery comedy series about Bong Ye-boon, a hard-working veterinarian who happens to gain psychometric powers in a peaceful, crime-free rural village, and Moon Seong-yeol, an elite detective who needs her powers, and the duo solve murder cases. Especially, Suho who plays Kim Sun-woo, a mysterious part-time worker at a convenience store, emphasized that as the drama is a complex mix of several genres, including thriller, comedy, and love story, viewers can enjoy it well. <Behind Your Touch> will premiere on August 12 as a follow-up to <King the Land>.


Director: Kim Sok-yun

Script: Lee Nam-kyu

Cast: Han Ji-min, Lee Min-ki, Ju Min-kyung, Suho

Provider: JTBC, Netflix, TVING




<Destined with You> Revealed a Second Trailer


  <Destined with You>, a drama about the romance between two characters who are tied with an extraordinary destiny, has released a second trailer full of excitement and laughter. The drama will showcase the irresistible romance between Lee Hong-jo, a low-level civil servant who comes into possession of a book that was sealed over 300 years ago, and Jang Shin-yu, a lawyer who falls victim to the book. While the curiosity on how the chemistry between Lee Hong-jo, who denies reality, and Jang Shin-yu, who goes straight for her, will play out in the drama grows on, <Destined with You> will premiere on August 23.


Director: Nam Ki-hoon

Script: Roh Ji-sul

Cast: Rowoon, Cho Bo-ah, Ha Jun, Yura

Provider: JTBC, Netflix, TVING




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